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TaxApro Accounting Firm gives you corporate-quality taxes & payroll services for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee (bookkeeper, accountant or CPA) or the cost of a do-it-yourself software + your time + consider the cost of doing it wrong. Avoid IRS penalties and audit.

We will work to legally save you money in taxes. Your professional tax preparer can ensure the maximum refund posible for your income tax return and will advise on what you can do for yourself or your business to pay legally as low as posible in taxes. 

Plus, consider all the benefits you get with our services [click here] and the guarantee of a professional certified by the IRS working for you who will sign your tax return.

We fit all budgets. Get a free quote today. 

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Our Professional Tax Service include:

  • - Individual Income Tax Preparation
  • - Business Income Tax Preparation (soleproprietors, LLC, partnerships, corporations and s corporations)
  • - free e-file service
  • - Business depreciations and amortizations
  • - Tax planning
  • - Assistance in the case of an IRS audit
  • IRS letters and claims (debts, payments, interests, penalties, etc)
  • - Compliance of any form required by the IRS
  • - ITIN applications 
  • - Previous years tax revisions
  • - Income tax amendments

Professional Tax Services for businesses:

  • - Business Income Tax Preparation (partnerships, LLC, corporations and s corporations)
  • - Corporate Taxes (Forms 1120 and 1120S)
  • - Sales Tax 
  • - Payroll Taxes (FICA, FUTA, SUTA)
  • - Unemployment tax
  • - e-file service
  • - e-services for business
  • - e-payments (IRS EFTPS system)
  • - Tax planning
  • - Business depreciations and amortizations
  • - Assistance in the case of an IRS audit
  • IRS letters and claims (debts, payments, interests, penalties, etc)
  • - Compliance of any form required by the IRS

Our Professional Payroll Service include:

  • - Paychecks and pay stubs for employees
  • - Payroll reporting
  • - W2 and W3 preparation and filing
  • - 1099 preparation and filing
  • - Monthly payroll tax payments (electronic payments by EFTPS)
  • - Preparation and filing of Federal quarterly reports to the IRS (form 941)
  • - Reporting of quarterly state unemployment tax (now reemployment tax)
  • - Payment of quarterly state unemployment tax
  • - Annual Federal unemployment tax filing and e-pay (IRS Form 940)

IRS Audit Assistance

One of the most challenging situations your business may face is an IRS auditWe are here to help! If you received a letter from the IRS for a revision of your taxes or you are concerned about your chances of being audited by the IRS you may find helpful the information we will share with you here[click here]

A service you can trust for the success of your business.

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Spend more time on your core business and less on time-consuming accounting and bookkeeping tasks. TaxApro Accounting Firm can do all this for you and more, contact us today at (786) 505-0017 or use the contact form to get started.